*Welecome to the Spinward Marches circa 1103. This setting is Classic Traveller (Enhanced CT) and most gameplay is PBEM/PBP.

The campaign has been on-going for approximately 10 years and has several players who are working as a team as well as single players.*

Currently we are considering transitioning to this site and the campaigns continue.

I had a group of PCs on Whanga in the midst of a Vargr/Human civil war. THIS SEGMENT COMPLETED

I also have a group of PCs in the Ruie system battling it out with possible Zhodani controlled insurgents planning to undermine the pro Imperium movements currently in place on Ruie, this has evolved into a Hammers Slammers Campaign. Players are dealing with a situation involving Zhodani agents intriguing against the imperium. There are plenty of panzers to help calm the situation.

If you are interested in joining Trouble in the Spinward Marches please send me a PM here or email me at travellerpbem@yahoo.com
Thank You

Trouble in the Spinward Marches (CT)