Baron Admiral Rutger hault Rognvald

This man is the owner of ARCON Lines and will be your supervisor during the mission.


The character is a Retired Naval Officer and a Noble. He is kind of a combination of Howard Hughes and Maverick from Top Gun with a little Richard Marcincko on the side. Because of his status and wealth he has been able to establish ARCON Lines which is a merchant corporation based on Jenghie/Regina. Unbeknownst to most, he is also providing assistance to the Office of Naval Intelligence using both his ships and personnel to glean intel pertinent to the Navy.

The player who ran this character was extremely detail oriented and very talented and imaginative which made for an awesome experience for all. He will be sorely missed.

I am posting a copy of the character sheet, anyone who is interested in taking up the challenge of playing this character in a PBEM game please contact me at

Retired Naval Officer

Baron Admiral Rutger hault Rognvald
7 9 8 12 15 12
Hits Terms Age TL Pension Rank
72 9 55 14 Cr9,000 Commodore (O7 )

Ship’s Boat-4 (Fighters)
Laser Weapons-3
Vacc Suit-1
Jet Aircraft-1
Grav Vehicle-1
Combat Rifleman-0

Bank balance Material Benefits and notes
Cr3,500 Weapon-1, Low-1 Homeworld codes: Port: A, Size: Small,
Atmosphere: Vacuum, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: High, Law: Low,
Level: High Stellar. Untrained (latent) PSI=-1
Purple Heart x3 MCUF x1 MCG x4

1 Cloth Armor Armor This is a full suit, neutral grey in color.
1 Reflec Armor Armor This is a full suit.
2 Dress Uniforms Clothing One is his Imperial Navy “retirement” uniform. The other is a more generic, less ostentatious uniform, suitable for his new life.
2 Civilian Clothes Clothing Two outfits, only slightly used, neat and respectable.
1 Cold Weather Clothing Clothing Slightly used outfit, civilian, from a few vacations in snowy areas. Counts as Jack armor.
4 Shipboard “Everyday” Uniforms Clothing These are generic.
1 Canvas Tote Bag General This is a large bag with handles and a shoulder-strap.
2 Duffle Bags General Large, used, Navy.
1 Hand Computer belt General This is an advanced model that runs database programs, personal organizers, games, music and reading materials. It can interface with a terminal.
1 10mm auto-pistol Weapon Presented by Admiral Lyons.
1 Sword Weapon Flag Officer’s sword, presented by Admiral Lyons.
2 10mm ammo Weapon 100-rd boxes. Also two clips.
1 Cleaning Materials General For sword and pistol.
1 Chronometer General Expensive, functional wristwatch.


Rutger hault Rognvald is a fit man of 55, with close-cropped steel-grey hair,
a strong jaw and a piercing gaze. He carries himself with confidence and authority.

An only child, his family estates are maintained by loyal retainers. His aunt and uncle, Anika and Erik Chaithness, are now in their seventies, and reside in one of the manor houses. They are childless.

His childhood was rather sheltered, although he often managed to get into trouble with his governess’ son, Nathan. He also had a pet, a small monkey-like creature named Withers. He enjoyed grav ball and the firing range, and had an early appreciation for gardening. He also enjoyed crafting model aircraft and spacecraft.

Rutger’s is a Navy family, and his career was never in question. While Nathan went on to a university, Rutger went to the Naval Academy, and then on to Flight School. He had always dreamed of flying, and he excelled. His instructors were traditionalists, and he was trained on jet aircraft as well as non-atmosphere vessels. He also went to Intelligence School.

Rutger had an illustrious career. He saw a great deal of combat, always in a command position. He was wounded three times, but recovered fully. He was an ideal “poster boy” for the Navy, and even did a stint in Recruiting.

Throughout his career, he had nothing but enthusiasm and respect for the Navy and its traditions.

His parents passed away in a boating accident while Rutger was still a young man. This rather spoiled his expectations for homecomings, but he adjusted. He never married, although there had always been talk about matching him to a daughter of one of his parent’s circle. With his parents gone, he could exert his independence and remain single. It was a rare thing for him to do.

Now, having completed his tour in the Navy, Rutger stands alone to face life without a plan. While he should return home, he doesn’t believe that he’ll find much to keep him there. He could always go into government or industry, but that doesn’t seem so appealing. His “good old boys” either haven’t yet retired, or have dispersed to their families. He enjoyed the action in his career, and he’d somehow like to keep flying, if he can figure out how. But Rutger is wondering if he made a mistake in not starting a family of his own. He’s been uncharacteristically moody in recent years,
and his occasional drinks have become more common.


Baron Admiral Rutger hault Rognvald

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